5 Years of Obama- The Truth


Saw this silly meme made by a silly Liberal today.


7,125,000 babies ripped into pieces and thrown into trash

174 killed in mass shootings a 79.4% increase from the two terms served before him and a 81% increase from the terms served before George “Dubya”.

36 deaths per month in cities with heightened gun control. Literally 19X more people died than before gun control in those cities.
112 deaths per month in those “respective” states. NY, IL, MA, CA.

Casualties in middle east?
Bush: 41%
Obama: 59%

The war was 2003-2009. 4103 Troops have died in the middle east since the end of the war. Why? In fact 30 people died this past Saturday.

Since January 2009, The Obama’s have taken 78 weeks of vacation worth up to 5.12 BILLION dollars.

You would be able to pay each active soldier in the US $3200 more a year with that.

The nation is more polarized, racially, religiously, Orientation-ally and financially since the Civil War!

You can play economics all that you want but he isn’t an economist. He is supposed to be a leader and if EVERYWHERE but the little town and house he lives in is falling apart, there is a real issue. People are dying, Children. People are losing rights and others are gaining more petty liberties?! If you can only fit 6 “statistics” in the things he has done well for the country, there should be a problem. If he doesn’t get impeached its because people are too scared to indict him be cause he would probably have them assassinated.

If these facts are true, GREAT! Though there is no source cited, but those are things he is SUPPOSED to do, that took him 6 years to do.

People don’t always care about economical stuff anyway. Are people still poor? Yes. They will always be. Are people still dying? Yes! That’s easy to stop. A soldier cant die in the middle east if he isnt in the middle east. Simple.  Bring home 100% of troops, if someone storms us just make it perfectly known that we will leave their country a nuclear wasteland and render it uninhabitable (according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NRC.GOV) 165,000 years. If that isn’t a deterrence, I don’t know what is? Definitely not Americans without guns. Cheering someone for doing something that they are supposed to do right is something you do for kindergarteners. NOT POTUS?!!

He has done nothing but kill, rob, lie, and implement unconstitutional orders and law onto the American people.

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