Stereotypes are Earned.

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Immigration. Source:, (labor statistics)
US current unemployment rate 6.6%

Asians are coming to America in hordes. In the 40s, (1942) was the largest Asian immigration year to America in History. 87% of them took the time to legally became citizens. 24% of that, not only went to college but got Doctorate degrees, 39% of their children went on to get doctorate degrees and are serving the American health system today. Those are huge Numbers.
Contribute to .14% of the nations Unemployment.

Middle Easterners are also coming to America in hordes. 1984 was the largest influx of middle easterners coming to America. 93% of them had visas and took the time to become citizens of the united states legally. Since then, 11% have become doctors, 44% have become small business owners or franchisees, and 19% actually live in metropolitan areas and work in the transportation industry.
Contribute to .23% of the US unemployment

Africans are coming to America in hordes. In both 1848 and 1959 were the largest influxes of Africans to come to America. In 1959, 87% of the African immigrants came to America legally. 3% became professional athletes or had children who became professional tax paying athletes. (huge number) 31% got college degrees (also a huge number) 17% became factory workers and 20% became laborers. 18% on Federal aid
Contribute to 1.7% of the US unemployment rate.

Other European immigrants including Scandinavia, Russia, UK and Germany. 1940-1977
79% came to America Legally
7% were in the music industry
5% Factory workers
9% union workers
20% Food industry
Contribute to .19% of the US unemployment rate.

Caribbean & South American immigrants. Through out 80s.
64% came to US legally. (exclude Cuba, 89% came legally)
1.5% are athletes
4% are in the food industry
5% in the food distribution industry
19% in transportation
11% in tourism/ entertainment
Contribute to .4% of US Unemployment rate

Canadians (1990-2014)
43% Came to America legally.
20% Work in landscaping or general labor
4% Union workers
9% contract with US Govt. (WOW)
Contribute to .02% of US unemployment rate.

100% came to America Legally
9% Labor
19% food industry
20% Govt. Fed. State. City. Employee
23% SBO
18% Corporate company employee
Contribute to 1.04% of US unemployment

Central Americans (Panama to Mexico). (2008-2014)
21.457% came to America legally
4% General contracting/labor/construction
9% factory
11% food industry
17% Distribution industry
38% Pay no taxes and receive federal benefits 38%!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Contributes to 2.88% of US unemployment rate
Contributes to 8% of all US federal penitentiaries
Contributes to 21% of Border states State prisons
1.1% Go on to an institution of higher education

Stereotypes can be earned. That is all.


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